Our Story

Florence, Italy

Our shoes connect us to the Earth upon which we live. They aid us in making our journeys more comfortable, and at the same time form the foundation of our identity. In this age where borders have less and less significance in which humanity stands on the cusp of dissolving artificial barriers and frontiers, when the old paradigms of home, village, tribe and borders become increasingly irrelevant- as we walk boldly into the digital revolution we- with our nomadic instincts and heritage are returning to something primal- that motive force that keeps us questing – while at the same time shattering the confines drawn on artificially imposed borders, maps and limits.

KERRIE LUFTS' life has, to a great extent, been shaped by her lack of roots, leading her on a quest- a journey.


"My life has, to a great extent, been shaped by my lack of roots, leading me on a quest- a journey."

Not satisfied with standing still she broke the mould and set out across the world to purse her dreams to create for others something that would give them a different type of ‘roots’- footwear.


"A self-described ultra-optimistic dreamer, Kerrie holds onto an intriguing idea until she can make it become a reality".
Born in 1983, Kerrie studied in England from 2003-2009 obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees in footwear design from Northampton University and the London College of Fashion respectively. Kerrie worked with British accessory queen Lulu Guinness and Canadian-British design legend, Patrick Cox while still a student. She credits this time with giving her ‘a good grounding and an understanding of luxury’.
A key turning point occurred in 2011, when Kerrie was awarded the Fashion Fringe Accessories prize. This propelled her to Paris, where she worked alongside Bruno Frisoni at the house of Roger Vivier. This experience prepared her for the launch of her own brand whilst re-locating to Italy where the designer is now based.


Craftsmanship, Made in Italy 

We work with small artisan factories in the heart of Tuscany Italy, who share the same values as us: to create beautiful handmade shoes, made with love and passion.