About us

The Brand

KERRIE LUFT is a luxury footwear and accessory brand that merges the highly skilled craftsmanship of Italian-shoe making with new advances in 3D technology. 

Natural forms are at the heart of every design and have inspired a signature collection of organic shaped heels, which softly blur the boundaries between art and design. Delivering harmonious proportions is key whilst considering the notion of strength vs fragility. Using a material that is light yet also strong - titanium - enables the creation of iconic heels that otherwise look beautifully fragile and delicate. Each sculptural composition requires a challenging combination of physical science, art, technology and craftsmanship. 

The result of merging tradition with technology creates contemporary pieces, with an emphasis on uniqueness and reflective of a timeless elegance. 

Sustainability and Ethical practices

Each and every pair of Kerrie Luft shoes is hand-made by highly skilled artisans in our factories in Florence. We work only with small family owned factories, who use age-old techniques passed down through generations of highly skilled craftsman.

We aim to create beautiful innovative styles, using the finest materials of the highest quality and sourced from the best leather tanneries all around Italy as we believe the purpose of investing in a pair of Kerrie Luft shoes, should not be for only one season but as an investment. Therefore we create signature styles that offer quality and longevity as opposed to seasonal collections.

We only make designs in very small production runs and prefer to sell directly to our customers through Kerrieluft.com and temporary Pop-up Shops in Florence as we do not believe in over-producing which in turn helps to minimise waste.

All our heels and metal pieces are made bespoke, by using 3D printing technologies together with traditional casting practices so that we again only produce very small quantities.


Our Values- Me.ra.ki

The brand was born from the designers desire to create beautiful meaningful objects that empower us to believe in our individual potential, to dream, to grow and to discover the world upon we live. Through powerful messages, we strive to inspire women to create, share and live their own stories- whilst doing everything with – Me.ra.ki
Soul. Passion. Creativity. Love